Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lady Fashion Crush: Lucille Ball

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What can I say about Lucille Ball? She could be glamorous and ridiculously goofy all at once, and I wish I could be like her. My mom loves Lucille Ball so I saw her show and movies through my mom watching them. I love her style so much I was her for halloween, so I had to include her here!

This is a beautiful picture of Lucille, I included it here because I love the hat and the lady tie.

She is such a beauty and I'm so jealous of her bathing suit. While impractical for swimming perhaps, it's absolutely fabulous.

This casual outfit is something I could recreate! I need more high-waisted pants and capris. Loving the stripes and the headscarf!

What do you think of Lucille's style?

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