Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Little Things

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Top: LOFT//Pants: Freddies of Pinewood//Shoes: Payless

The other day I was driving around, I grabbed a coffee from Starbucks and put my cup in the cupholder. Not the driver's side of the car cupholder, but the passenger side cupholder. I always do this but right then I realized how weird that was, and then I started thinking about what other weird little things I do. Then I thought these weird things would be fun to share with you lovelies.

Apparently I'm Superman    
  • Tear up every time I see a story of a military person surprising their loved ones when they come home.
  • Sing loudly in the car when I'm alone with dance moves and then as soon as someone pulls up next to me I pretend I'm not even listening to music.

  • I have to wake up on a 7 and if I hit snooze I have to set my alarm to a 4. Example: my initial alarm goes off at 7:47, if I reset to give myself a little more sleep time, I set it to 8:04. My friends think this is odd too!
  • I will do (almost) every Buzzfeed quiz and share my results on Facebook (sorry Facebook friends!).
  • When trying to start reading a new book I have to read the first few pages of at least two or three books to decide which to read next.
Pretending I'm on America's Next Top Model haha!

  • I like to have dance parties in my room (that's not weird right?)
  • When I take outfit photos, I usually get a little goofy, which is why I included two of those outtakes today!

Maybe these things aren't really that odd and I just think they are. Do you do anything that you think people would think was weird if you told them?

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