Friday, February 28, 2014

My Skin and Makeup Routine

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Hi lovelies! Today I wanted to share a bit of my makeup routine and some of my favorite products. I love reading about other people's makeup routines or watching beauty bloggers on youtube so I thought it would be fun to share what I do! Just a warning, I am no makeup artist so if I do something that is against the rules, I apologize in advance.

Cleanse. I have super oily skin, it starts to get shiny even a half hour after I wash my face, so I try to always use an oil free or mattifying cleanser. Most recently I've been using Neutrogena's Pore Refining Cleanser. It's oil-free and does a pretty good job at actually cleaning my face. Recently I purchased the Murad Clarifying Cleanser which I've been wanting to try for a while but I can't give it a fair review after only using it a few times. I also wash my face with a cleansing brush, it's just a generic one from Sephora but I think it really makes a difference in how clean my skin feels.

 Moisturize. As an oily skinned person, I have only recently begun to realize the benefits of using a moisturizer. Even though my skin is really oily it stills tends to dry out and get a bit flaky around my eyebrows and nose, especially in the winter (sorry if that's tmi!). Most moisturizers I've tried have been too heavy or made me look super greasy immediately until I found and fell in love with Clinque's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. It's formulated for oily skin and it keeps my problem areas moisturized and also keeps my face less shiny, yay! If I'm feeling fancy I will also use Clinique's Stay Matte Hydrator on top of this, but this only happens if I'm doing dramatic full makeup for a night out. Occasionally I'll just use it instead of the gel if my face isn't looking particularly dry that day.

Foundation. I switch between two foundations, but lately I've been using Mary Kay Timewise Matte Foundation. It's a liquid foundation and it works really well at staying matte while actually matching my skin color pretty perfectly so I'm really happy with it. When it gets warmer I don't like to use liquid foundation as it just melts off faster, so I love the Maybelline Fit Me Gel Stick foundation. It gives me the same coverage as the liquid but it's less likely to melt off.

Powder. I always use powder, if for some reason I'm really late in the morning I will at least put powder on! I use Bare Minerals Matte Foundation powder. I didn't realize it was a powder foundation until I looked up the name for you guys, but I use it as a setting powder which works for me. I find this, and my other million matte products really helps my face stay matte. I am not a fan of the "dewy" look on myself.

 Blush and Bronzer. I have a few different Covergirl blushes but they're all so old that the color names have worn off! They're varying shades of pinks, I'm not really too picky when it comes to blush. I use bronzer only in the summer, but when I do I use Rimmel London bronzer in Sun Bronze. I use the bronzer as a replacement for the pink blush, I'm not sure if that's technically correct but it works for me.

Eyebrows. I shape my eyebrows with Covergirl's Brow and Eye Makers pencil in brown. I don't really do anything fancy here, just fill them in. I find this pencil lasts throughout the day pretty well, I used to use just a brown eyeshadow but that would kind of blow away after a few hours.

Eyes. Mascara is the most important eye makeup to me. I think mascara just opens up your eyes and makes you look awake and ready for the day! This being said, I am the least picky person when it comes to mascara, I like to try them all. I usually stick to Maybelline mascaras but I've tried Almay, Clinique, Makeup Forever, Rimmel, you name it. Currently I'm using Maybelline's Mega-Plush. I'm more picky when it comes to eyeliner. I use Maybelline Ultra Liner which is a waterproof liquid eyeliner. It does not budge so I recommend investing in some eye makeup remover. Eye shadows I really don't wear too often, but I generally stick to neutrals. I have a neutral palette from bhCosmetics and also two cream eye shadows from Mary Kay that I love. You just swipe them on with your fingers and they blend really nicely.

Lips. You all know I love lipstick! I have so many tubes I have lost count, but lately I've been obsessed with my MACs. I have four colors: Russian Red, Ruby Woo, Lady Danger, and Craving. When I apply lipstick I add chapstick underneath for extra moisture because all of those minus Craving are matte and I find that if I put them straight on my lips get really crackly and that's not such a pretty sight! I also got a lip liner for the first time ever in December and I love how straight the lines are, it makes your lipstick look ten times better!

Well that's all I have for my skin and makeup products! What are some of your go-tos?

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