Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is a day I struggle with, I'll be honest about it. When you're little, Valentine's Day is about getting a bunch of valentine's cards and candy in your class. Cute story time: I remember in second grade there was a boy in my class who bought a whole box of chocolates for this girl and mistakenly left it on the heater in our classroom and all the chocolates melted. It was so cute it actually made our school paper. I made it in the paper as well, as I was one of the valentine mail people. I got to do the job with my first crush at the time so it was pretty exciting. I still have a laminated copy of the article today.

When you get older, it becomes less about community love and more about couples' love. I become a bit of a grinch as the great pink and red heart filled day approaches as I haven't had an actual valentine for Valentine's Day yet (I have such great luck!). Seeing all of the couples just makes me feel extra-single (**cough cough singles-awareness-day cough cough**).

 But this year, I decided not to be so grinchy about it and embrace the day as a day to celebrate your love for everyone, like it was before. I think it's nice to tell you friends and family you love them, maybe go see one of those really sappy romance movies that are coming out today and have a good time (I personally really want to see Endless Love)! Make the day less about feeling sorry for yourself and more about appreciating the people that are in your life right now!

How do you feel about Valentine's Day?

P.S. I also am reviving my love affair with Half Price Books because they sent me a Valentine's Day coupon, so I just found a date :)

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