Monday, March 31, 2014

Setting Routines

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I find that I work best with a routine in most aspects of life, whether it be for work, school, or socially. I'm that annoying friend that needs to know a few days in advance what the plan is for whatever particular outing it may be (sorry friends!). I realized that here on the blog, I don't have a totally set routine, and I feel like sometimes my weeks get a bit scattered. I started off the year adding in my new Thursday feature Lady Fashion Crush as well as continuing Saturday Sounds, but that leaves four other days open for anything (I don't blog on Sundays, I take it as a catch up reading other blogs day) and sometimes that means I either post a lot or post nothing at all. So here is my attempt to once again create a schedule. 

Monday: Weekend Recap

Tuesday: Outfit Post

Wednesday: Cinema and Literary Musings

Thursday: Lady Fashion Crush

Friday: Outfit Post

Saturday: Saturday Sounds

A bit of a longer explanation on a few things. One, I know this shows that I will only be posting two outfits a week, most likely three because I'll add one in on the Weekend Recap sometimes as well. I've found that this winter has been the worst for outfit photos, and the pressure I put on myself to attempt to take them outside and freeze or taking really horribly lit indoor photos made me not want to take pictures at all a lot of the time. I figure that by not overloading myself I can take better pictures, even if they are indoors, instead of taking a bunch of pictures quickly every day and not liking them but posting anyway.

Two, I am going to change my very randomly posted Cinema at Home feature to Cinema and Literary Musings. This means I will post one title, either a movie or book each week and give a review. I realize that my Cinema at Home posts don't get a lot of views or comments really, I even recently set up a second blog just so I could keep writing them and not bore my reader here. I am going to try this instead first because running two blogs seems like too much of an undertaking right now. I enjoy writing those posts and I've wanted to add a book review as well so putting them on the same day makes sense to me. Plus, since you know they'll only on Wednesdays, you can skip or tune in as you please!

Three, just a mini disclaimer, if there is something I really want to write about or share with you all that doesn't fit into one of these slots, I'll just replace it for that day, no big deal. This schedule isn't meant to be extremely cut and dry, no changes at all. It's just meant to give me more direction in terms of blogging, that's all :)

I hope you all will bear with me while I try out this more structured way of blogging. If it doesn't work for me or for you let me know and I can always try something new. Blogging is a constant learning process so trying new things is just part of the package!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Lady Fashion Crush: Christina Hendricks

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Christina Hendricks is such a bombshell, on and off the set of Mad Men. I absolutely love her character Joan and the amazing style that she (and everyone else really) has on the show, but Joan holds a special place in my heart. Her style is always so put together and she really sticks to the hourglass shape that I wish I could pull off! Plus, she is the best at color coordinating her outfits! Even off the set she looks lovely, as seen in the last picture.

What do you think? Do you like Christina/Joan's style?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New FO: The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief

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 Sweater: LOFT//Scarf: Made by Me//Jeans: Levis//Shoes: Target

Hello lovelies! It's now looking like spring, feels bitingly cold, but the ground was dry enough that I got to take outfit photos outside! Yay! Today I wanted to share my newly finished object (that's what FO stands for by the way), the Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief by Orange Flower Yarn. I bought this blue yarn on impulse because I loved the bright blue color and had no idea what I wanted to make with it so I went on Ravelry and browsed around. I am slightly sweatered-out, I started another sweater that was going to be a cardigan, but when I finished the body I realized that I lost a LOT of stitches along the way so it fits more like a bolero than a sweater :( So I've put it aside for a while so I can decide whether to just make it a bolero, or if I want to rip it out and start over.

This little scarf was perfect for my bright blue yarn, it's nice because the color goes with the coming spring, yet it keeps me warm. Bonus: it was super quick to knit! I actually started and finished this last night, I started around 7 or 8pm and finished up around 2am. I could have made it a two day project but I was so close to being done as it got later that I just kept going.

My next project will be a hat to donate to children in need as part of a knitting convention I'm going to in a few weeks called Knitter's Fantasy. I'm really excited, I'm taking classes on stranded knitting which means I'll be a pro and be able to make fair isle knits (in my dreams!).

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lizzie Velasquez

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In lieu of Lady Fashion Crush this week, I was really touched by this sweet lady named Lizzie Velasquez. I hope you all will watch this video and see what a strong woman she is, and how inspirational her story is.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jam Packed

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Dress: eShakti//Cardigan: H&M//Shoes: Target

Hello Hello! Happy almost Spring! It's starting to feel a little like spring here but I'm not going to count on the spring like weather to stick around just yet. This past weekend was full of fun activities and it went by sooo fast! Friday night I celebrated my friend Michelle's 24th birthday with our friend Christina. We went to a new-to-us restaurant for dinner called Barraco Grill, their specialty is arepas, which I can describe as sort of like burritos, but they're made a bit differently. They were super yummy and it was a cute little place, I definitely want to go back again sometime!

Saturday night I went contra dancing with two of my co-workers who are pros. If you don't know what contra dancing is, which I didn't before I started working with these two, here's a link to a video showing you what it looks like. It basically is a line dance, but performed with your partner and another couple. I had so much fun learning the dance, dancing with everyone, and listening to the great band that was playing called Rhubarb Pie. I really like dancing and need to start doing it more often! I already planned to go again next month.

Sunday night I went with my friend Amelia and her school friends to see Arcade Fire in downtown Cleveland. Now, funny story. I was bored earlier in the day of the concert so I Googled "what to wear to an Arcade Fire concert?", not expecting to get anything back, but I stumbled across THREE pages worth of articles talking about the fact that Arcade Fire really did have a dress code for their concerts! The dress code was formal wear or a costume. I couldn't believe it and thought that was such a fun idea to have a dress code. I also liked that if the person didn't own something formal they didn't have to buy anything, they could just make something up and call it a costume! The concert itself was amazing, I was sad that it was at our large arena instead of a smaller venue so we weren't super close, but they made sure to use two stages so everyone who wanted to see them could, at least for a little bit.

How have you all been? I feel like I've been so busy I haven't had time to really blog as much as I'd like, I didn't even take outfit pictures for those three outings! Oh well, sometimes you're just having too much fun to stop for pictures. Hope you have a lovely rest of the week, we're halfway to Friday again!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lady Fashion Crush: Helena Bonham Carter

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 Source: 1/2/3/4
I love Helena Bonham Carter, I want to be her sometimes. Her style is just so kooky and awesome and she is so funny and fits all of the roles she takes so perfectly. She and her partner Tim Burton make a perfect pair, they are like living versions of their movies. I especially loved her in Sweeney Todd but was a bit sad that she played Bellatrix Lestrange in  the Harry Potter movies, not because she didn't do a good job, I just didn't want to dislike her because of her character! She also has a lovely singing voice.

I'm digging the very layered street style. It sort of reminds me of 90s grunge but that may just be the boots and floral.

Love this tiered dress, it's so perfectly her. Also love that her hair is a bit tamed but not entirely like her signature do!

Such a bold choice to meet the queen in! I love the plaid pattern and the cute hat to top it off!

Do you like Helena Bonham Carter?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Manual for Civilization

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My friend Carrie shared this article and blog with me this morning from The Long Now Foundation which has started a project called the Manual for Civilization. To quickly summarize, the project is meant to have a collection of 3,000 books at San Francisco's Fort Mason Center which are deemed most valuable to contribute to the rebuilding of society if there was ever a fall of civilization as we know it (I jokingly mentioned zombie apocalypse or alien invasion to Carrie!). There are four criteria which the books must fall under to be included: Cultural Canon (their example is Shakespeare or Plato), Mechanics of Civilization (technical books), Rigorous Science Fiction (how we thought the world would be in the future), Long Term Thinking/Futurism (books on how to think about the future). The projects does have some authors as key leaders, but it is an open project made possible by the Internet Archive and anyone can have access to the growing list of suggestions and can contribute to this archive for the future.

I think it's such an intriguing idea to put together an entire collection for the sole purpose of explaining to people of the future who have potentially lost everything else and only have these 3,000 books to begin to rebuild society. I'm a sci-fi nerd so this kind of thing is right up my alley. I voted on a few books (you can do it right from the blog page!) and also submit your own suggestions as well. I'm having a hard time thinking of a book I would deem important enough for someone to be able to really utilize to rebuild the world at the moment, but it's definitely interesting to think about.

If you were in the post-apocalyptic society, what book would you most want to see in this collection? Let me know in the comments below!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Shut In

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 Top: H&M//Skirt: VoyeurVintage via Etsy

This past weekend I was pretty much a shut in Friday and Saturday. Friday after I got home from work I went straight to bed. I worked on some knitting, a cardigan this time, and watched the hilarious BBC version of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy! I liked that it incorporated all of the books rather than just the first one like the 2005 version does. Saturday I pretty much did the same thing. I drove my mom to this workshop she had to go to for work early in the morning and then after I picked her up, we both went to bed at around 8. I finished knitting the body of the cardigan and started Game of Thrones (which is SO GOOD).

Why am I boring you with this mundane story? Well, because it was seriously the best weekend ever. It was so nice to just relax and not have any obligations to go anywhere. The past few weeks have been so so busy and I've been going here, there and everywhere (pun intended) almost every day. Having quiet nights is really nice sometimes. Recharging is a good thing, and I think I need to remind myself to do that more often.

Now my weekend was not completely void of social activity. Sunday night I went to see Rend Collective with my sweet friend Theresa. We also saw Kari Jobe and Warren Barfield, but I was really there for Rend! I liked Kari Jobe a lot too she was really darling and the whole time I was thinking about what a cute dress she was wearing haha.


How was your weekend? Hope it was a good one!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Liebster Award Part Deux

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Hello lovelies! I have been nominated for a Liebster award for a second time by the super sweet lady Faye who blogs over at Oh! Darling. I don't know if it's against the rules to do it twice, but I figured it was different questions and I can nominate even more wonderful ladies for this awesome award :) (If you'd like to read my answers/check out my first set of nominees click here)

Receivers of the Award Must:
  • Answer the 11 questions posed to them by their nominators
  • Post 11 interesting things about themselves
  • Create a new list of 11 questions for future award receivers to answer
  • Nominate 11 more bloggers with less than 200 followers for the award
Faye's Questions

1. What is your most favourite movie of all time, and why?

My favorite movie of all time would have to be.....ugh this is such a tough question.....umm, I'll take the easy route and say Beauty and Beast because it's my absolute favorite childhood movie and where my blog name came from! Belle was always my favorite because I related to her so much and wanted to be her. She loved to read, stood up for what she felt was right, and always tried to see the good in everyone, even in the grouchy Beast at the beginning of the movie. I think I can even base some of my chosen career path as a librarian on Belle as well. If I can cheat a bit and pick a second movie, as of late I've really enjoyed the movie Adam which I recently re-watched after a few years. I highly recommend it.

2. If you could have any dream come true, what would that be?

This is going to be such a Miss America answer, but I would just like to lead a happy life. I want everyday to be a fun one. I want to finish grad school, get a full time librarian position, and live in a cute apartment surrounded by books and flowers. That sounds like a movie, but it would definitely be my dream come true. Also, I'd like Ohio to not be so cold, but that's not happening!

3. What song never fails to cheer you up?

Pickin' Up the Pieces by Fitz and the Tantrums. Actually, anything by Fitz and the Tantrums, they're pretty fun all around!

4. What's the furthest you have ever travelled?

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that the furthest I have ever traveled is to Orlando, Florida when I went on a trip to Disney World with my family (I'm from Ohio). I always feel like people have much better answers for this question, but I will say I have a big list of places I would love to go to. The top of my list includes most of Europe, especially Britain to visit medieval castles. I'm a bit of a history nerd, I majored in it in college, and I have always been a bit obsessed with castles and knights and the whole bit.

5. What inspired you to begin blogging?

I was inspired to start blogging after years of reading other blogs and seeing the wonderful community that comes with the blogosphere. I started reading blogs right around the end of high school and the start of college in 2008 when I was feeling a bit lonely from the transition to college and having my friends all scatter to different schools. I found that reading blogs made me feel like I had friends that shared common interests once again, and the blogging community really does make you have great friends. Even if we've never met, I feel that we are all great friends! I also have a great interest in fashion and vintage styles which is not a passion shared by any of my friends in real life, so it's nice to have a place to discuss with others who share the same interests.

6. What is your most played song on your MP3 player/iTunes?

My most played song according to my iTunes Top 25 is Does He Love You? by Rilo Kiley. It's a bit strange, but sometimes I like to listen to songs that make me sad, not in a depressed kind of way, but if I'm in a melancholy mood. Does anyone else do this? It gets so many plays because I usually play it (or whatever song I'm feeling that day!) on repeat for a while. If it makes you feel better, my second most played song is Bossa Nova Baby by Elvis Presley so it's not all gloom and doom.

7. If money were no object and your hearts desire available, what 5 material objects would you buy today?

Oh wow, this is such a good question! I think the first material object I would buy would be a Bernie Dexter dress. I am in love with her clothes but they are a bit out of my price range. Second, a beautiful large wooden bookcase, preferably with an elaborate design carved into the sides. Third, I would buy a piccolo. I played flute from 5th grade through high school and piccolo in marching band but I used the school's piccolo. I think it's such a fun instrument and I'd love to own one of my own. The fourth thing I would buy is a yarn ball winder, it's not a super fancy purchase, but my least favorite part about knitting is balling my yarn. The last thing I would purchase if money was no object is one of Elvis' costumes, it honestly doesn't matter to me which one minus the 70s jumpsuits (not a big fan of 70s Elvis), but I think it would be so awesome to own one!

8. What are your pet peeves?

I think my biggest pet peeve is when people continually clear their throats loudly and they're not sick. I don't know why it bothers me so much but it annoys me so much.

 9. Which female historical figure do you most admire and why?

Pochahontas (the real person, not the Disney character). She was so brave for dealing with the colonizers, marrying and having a child with one (John Rolfe) and even sailing to Britain where she passed away. She played an important role in making peace between her tribe in Virginia and the colonizers.

10. What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

As of late my favorite thing to do in my spare time is knit and watch movies since it's wintertime and the polar vortex has made it almost unbearable to be outdoors. I have been knitting for about 8 years but only in the past year or so has it become a much more regular activity. I've been trying progressively more difficult patterns and just recently finished a cabled sweater which is my biggest accomplishment in my eyes (I've made blankets before so it's not literally the biggest, but you know what I mean). Watching movies is a past time I've always enjoyed, but lately I've found I've been watching more than usual, and they have all been pretty great.

11. What would be your ideal career?

My ideal career if I could be absolutely anything in the world would be to be a Broadway star. I love theatre and musicals in particular and I love to sing. I am also the most shy person when it comes to singing in front of other people so this is why this is just a dream. I think it would be absolutely fabulous to get to act and sing and dance as a career, I feel like while musical actors and actresses work very hard, they get to do something that they truly love and get to excel at it.

11 Things About Me

1. I choose movies based on the actors. I don't do it based on a limited amount of actors, but instead if I am watching a movie and see someone I don't know but like I'll look them up and usually order a good majority of the films they were in. This leads me to ordering a LOT of movies.

2. I love penguins so much, they are just so dang cute! I actually just found this article which is calling for knitters to donate little penguin sized sweaters to the Penguin Foundation for penguins who are caught in oil spills and wear them to prevent the penguins from trying to remove the poisonous oil with their beaks.

3. I love zombies but I'm terrified of horror and gore. This generally leads me to being very nervous while watching The Walking Dead but I can't stop watching.

4. YouTube sucks away so much of my internet time. I watch and subscribe to so many YouTubers, I honestly probably watch more YouTube than regular television. Some of my favorites are the Vlogbrothers, Olan Rogers, and itsGrace.

5. I'm secretly a hopeless romantic and write the occasional letter to my future husband. I found myself reading a ton of these one night and thought they were such a sweet idea (example here). Now if I actually give these letters to this unknown guy is still up for debate.

6. I like to go to the beach alone when it's warm. It's so relaxing to just lay out your towel, listen to music and read a book or magazine alone. The beach is so calm and quiet, sometimes it's nice to just lay there with your thoughts.

7. I will drive an absurd amount of time to go to some of my favorite coffee shops. Two of my favorites are a half hour to 40 minutes away, which is a bit much but I just love the atmosphere in both places so it's worth it.

8. I was not always a dress wearer. In fact, my high school wardrobe consisted of flare jeans, concert/band t-shirts, oversized sweashirts, and sharpie colored Converse. The transition began when I started reading blogs really and became more interested in fashion and less self conscious about what people would think. I still have some of those worries now but for the most part I wear what I want whether I think people will find me overdressed or not. I think it's important to wear what you love because when you like what you're wearing you feel good and you'll feel better about yourself throughout the day. I'm not saying your confidence should lie in clothing, but I personally feel like if I head out in a sweatshirt and yoga pants I feel a bit sluggish for the day.

9. Superman is my favorite superhero. People knock him down because of the whole kryptonite weakness, but he can fly, pick up buildings, and look gorgeous working at a news office, I see no negatives.

10. I love going to museums, and I try my best to give myself enough time to be able to read just about every exhibit plaque in the building.

11. I love animals but unfortunately I seem to have developed allergies to both dogs and cats. I haven't tested out being around other furry animals  but it just makes me sad because I love snuggling puppies!

And the Nominees Are....

Danielle of Dan in Real Life
Ionela of Miss Green
Laura of Vintage Requiem
Catherine of Vintage Frills

1. Where is your absolute favorite place to be?
2. What is one thing you would tell your younger self about yourself now?
3. Do you have any special talents?
4. What book has effected your life the most?
5. If you could choose to live in any era of time, which would you choose and why?
6. What made you decide to begin blogging?
7. Who do you look up to most in life and why?
8. What is/are your favorite type/s of music? Name some of your favorite artists.
9. If you could win a Nobel prize, what would you want to win it for?
10. What is your earliest childhood memory?
11. If someone made a movie of your life, who would you like to play you?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lady Fashion Crush: Zelda Fitzgerald

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 Source: 1/2/3/4

Zelda Fitzgerald married one of my favorite authors, but people forget that she was really a fascinating individual herself. Zelda was a writer herself and a ballerina. Sadly, she and Scott had a troublesome marriage and fought because of their celebrity status, and she ended up in a mental hospital. Before this however, she was seen as a 1920s fashion icon.

I really liked this picture, I adore her hat with the flower.

This is such a glamorous shot. The 20s are a fashion decade I tend to overlook, but I love her style.

I was immediately drawn to this photo because of the fabulous pattern mixing between her hat, coat and dress!

What do you feel about Zelda's style?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


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Sweater: Made By Me!!//Dress: my50svintagedresses via ebay//Tights: We Love Colors//Shoes: Target

I am SUPER excited to share my first finished knit sweater with you lovelies!! I have been in the middle of two other sweaters for a few months now but when I found this cute pattern called Chuck by Andi Satterland of Untangling Knots I just had to do it! I thought the cropped design would go perfectly with all of my full skirted dress and so far so good. It's so cute and retro that I had to try it anyway, despite my worries in starting this project. 

I've done cable before but nothing that looked half as complicated as the center cable. Honestly, my first few reads of the pattern I just kind of looked blankly because it really looked like gibberish to me. But I decided to just look at it line by line instead of as a whole so it looked much less intense that way. I actually completed the project pretty quickly in about two weeks, and there were some setbacks. One, I accidentally turned one of my outer cables the wrong direction near the very top and didn't notice until I was halfway done with the body (ugh), and two, somehow I managed to forget to finished the bottom major cable and tried to start the ribbing on the bottom, so I did go back and fix that because that would have been really wonky. Overall, the sweater is not perfect, but I love it because I made it and when I look at it I can see an a great accomplishment.

If any of you knit, what is your biggest knitting accomplishment?