Wednesday, March 5, 2014


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Sweater: Made By Me!!//Dress: my50svintagedresses via ebay//Tights: We Love Colors//Shoes: Target

I am SUPER excited to share my first finished knit sweater with you lovelies!! I have been in the middle of two other sweaters for a few months now but when I found this cute pattern called Chuck by Andi Satterland of Untangling Knots I just had to do it! I thought the cropped design would go perfectly with all of my full skirted dress and so far so good. It's so cute and retro that I had to try it anyway, despite my worries in starting this project. 

I've done cable before but nothing that looked half as complicated as the center cable. Honestly, my first few reads of the pattern I just kind of looked blankly because it really looked like gibberish to me. But I decided to just look at it line by line instead of as a whole so it looked much less intense that way. I actually completed the project pretty quickly in about two weeks, and there were some setbacks. One, I accidentally turned one of my outer cables the wrong direction near the very top and didn't notice until I was halfway done with the body (ugh), and two, somehow I managed to forget to finished the bottom major cable and tried to start the ribbing on the bottom, so I did go back and fix that because that would have been really wonky. Overall, the sweater is not perfect, but I love it because I made it and when I look at it I can see an a great accomplishment.

If any of you knit, what is your biggest knitting accomplishment?

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