Monday, March 31, 2014

Setting Routines

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I find that I work best with a routine in most aspects of life, whether it be for work, school, or socially. I'm that annoying friend that needs to know a few days in advance what the plan is for whatever particular outing it may be (sorry friends!). I realized that here on the blog, I don't have a totally set routine, and I feel like sometimes my weeks get a bit scattered. I started off the year adding in my new Thursday feature Lady Fashion Crush as well as continuing Saturday Sounds, but that leaves four other days open for anything (I don't blog on Sundays, I take it as a catch up reading other blogs day) and sometimes that means I either post a lot or post nothing at all. So here is my attempt to once again create a schedule. 

Monday: Weekend Recap

Tuesday: Outfit Post

Wednesday: Cinema and Literary Musings

Thursday: Lady Fashion Crush

Friday: Outfit Post

Saturday: Saturday Sounds

A bit of a longer explanation on a few things. One, I know this shows that I will only be posting two outfits a week, most likely three because I'll add one in on the Weekend Recap sometimes as well. I've found that this winter has been the worst for outfit photos, and the pressure I put on myself to attempt to take them outside and freeze or taking really horribly lit indoor photos made me not want to take pictures at all a lot of the time. I figure that by not overloading myself I can take better pictures, even if they are indoors, instead of taking a bunch of pictures quickly every day and not liking them but posting anyway.

Two, I am going to change my very randomly posted Cinema at Home feature to Cinema and Literary Musings. This means I will post one title, either a movie or book each week and give a review. I realize that my Cinema at Home posts don't get a lot of views or comments really, I even recently set up a second blog just so I could keep writing them and not bore my reader here. I am going to try this instead first because running two blogs seems like too much of an undertaking right now. I enjoy writing those posts and I've wanted to add a book review as well so putting them on the same day makes sense to me. Plus, since you know they'll only on Wednesdays, you can skip or tune in as you please!

Three, just a mini disclaimer, if there is something I really want to write about or share with you all that doesn't fit into one of these slots, I'll just replace it for that day, no big deal. This schedule isn't meant to be extremely cut and dry, no changes at all. It's just meant to give me more direction in terms of blogging, that's all :)

I hope you all will bear with me while I try out this more structured way of blogging. If it doesn't work for me or for you let me know and I can always try something new. Blogging is a constant learning process so trying new things is just part of the package!

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