Wednesday, April 23, 2014

C&LM: Behind the Candelabra (2013)

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Lately I've been choosing movies based on how often and how popular they are with patrons at the library I work at. My first loves in choosing movies are classics and sundancey/small film studio kinds of modern films, not typically a lot of blockbusters. This has been helping me be able to recommend more relevant to our average customer movies because many times when someone asks me for comedy and I tell them Jerry Lewis movies are hilarious, they kind of give me a funny look! Not always, but a lot of the time...

Anyway, long introduction but that was the reason I picked up Behind the Candelabra. I was interested to see it because I really don't know that much about Liberace other than he was a very glitzy piano player in the 70s and 80s. The movie depicts that last few years of his life and his secret relationship with a much younger man named Scott. It showed how his career was at its peak and the deterioration of it and his life towards the end. It kind of showed him in a bad light because he broke up with Scott, left him with nothing, and refused to admit that they ever had any kind of relationship other than a professional one. Granted, this was during a time when being gay was entirely unacceptable and not talked about so I could see why he wouldn't. I don't know if I really thought of this movie as good or bad, it was just kind of a one-off biography kind of thing. It was interesting if you are a fan of Liberace, maybe that's why I feel a bit indifferent.

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