Wednesday, April 16, 2014

C&LM: Call of the Wild-Jack London

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I read Call of the Wild after reading and watching Into the Wild and became a bit obsessed with reading and watching anything that had to do with losing oneself in the wilderness and leaving society behind. I also read this because Chris McCandless/Alex Supertramp, the boy who inspired the book Into the Wild, was heavily influenced by this story and some of Henry Thoreau's works as well. Call of the Wild is a story of a dog named Buck who is stolen from his Alaskan home and is forced to become a part of a sled dog pack. The story focuses on Buck and his adventures and how he becomes stronger from being in the wild and becoming a pack leader as he begins to feel the "Call of the Wild" (allll the cheese). I really enjoyed it, it was a quick read, less than 200 pages, so if you like stories like this I suggest you pick up a copy.

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