Wednesday, April 9, 2014

C&LM: Designing Woman (1957)

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This was a such a cute romantic comedy starring Lauren Bacall as Marilla and Gregory Peck as Mike. The two meet at a hotel while they are away from their hometown in New York City and in a whirlwind romance end up married before they even fly back home! Marilla is a big fashion designer and Mike is a sports writer and boy do their lives clash at times. Marilla and Mike have a few squabbles over things like where they'll live, who gets to have parties on which days, and lots of little things. Every time they have a squabble they end up coming back together. Mike is hiding a secret from Marilla which gets more and more difficult to hide and causes a lot of strain between the two, and even puts Marilla in danger. But, in the end, the two solve their problems and live a happy life. I loved this movie, it was very funny and I suggest you watch if you'd like a laugh!

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