Friday, April 18, 2014


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 Dress: eShakti//Shoes: Payless

The other day my friend Christina and I enjoyed our day off by taking a little stroll by Eggshelland. Eggshelland was a large Easter display set up by an elderly couple in our neighborhood for Easter and it had grand displays every year made out of plastic colored eggs, example below (not taken by me):

Last year, the husband passed away and the wife decided that it would be the last year for eggshelland in their home because it would be too much of a burden for her to set up alone and there were always so many crowds. This year a local group called the Euclid Beach Boys decided to revive it and set it up at the local community center. The display it much smaller now, I didn't take pictures (silly me) but it was really nice that they still put it up. I did not go see it every year but it was a tradition to look forward to seeing what would be new. It's kind of like another house in our area that sets up a light display set to music around Christmas for people to stop by and see.

Do you have anything similar in your neighborhood for certain holidays?

P.S. I haven't done this in forever but today I am linking up with Passion for Fashion over on Rachel the Hat's blog!

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