Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jenny and Brad's Bridal Shower

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My sweet friends Jenny and Brad are getting married next month so they had their bridal shower last weekend at this beautiful mansion that we all got to explore. The shower was so wonderful, they both are very animal friendly and their centerpieces were dry dog food and bird seed in mason jars which were going to be donated to animal shelters around the city afterwards, which I thought was such a cute idea! We had food and treats and Jenny opened all of her gifts and we took a million pictures (disclaimer: since those are Jenny's pictures I don't have any to share and since it's not my event I thought that would be strange to anyway). The mansion had a hidden third floor so we all went up and looked around and it was right on Lake Erie so it was really pretty. It's so exciting and so surreal that they are actually getting married, they've been engaged for a while so we knew it was coming, but the bridal shower made it feel so real, I already wanted to tear up. I'm just so happy for them and can't wait until May!

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