Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Knitting and Purling and Whatnot

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So a freak thunderstorm has come through this morning and turned my backyard into a mud pit and it's really dark in general so outfit photos are a no go today. Instead, I wanted to share my next big knitting project! I went to a knitting day a few weeks ago called Knitter's Fantasy which I talked about here and one of the things I bought in the vendor's mall was this book called Sock Yarn Shawls. I have been holding on to this pretty multicolored sock yarn that I bought on impulse a few months ago for just the right project. I really dislike making socks, I feel like they take a really long time and the small needles frustrate me a lot of the time. But, this yarn was really too pretty to pass up and I figured I could find some use for it.

I'm actually making the shawl called Flower Garden from the book for my mom. It is definitely a challenging pattern as she picked an experienced level pattern (thanks mom), but most of it is stockinette which is just normal knitting so that makes it better. I'm hoping that the finished project looks as pretty as it does in the book. I am a bit worried that because I'm using this multicolor yarn instead of a plain color that the pattern is going to get lost, which it may a bit but I think after it's blocked and everything it should be okay!

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