Tuesday, April 29, 2014


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I love podcasts, they are so nice to listen to when you just want to listen to something that's not music. Well, I was told that I should listen to a podcast called Sawbones by my friend Carrie and I have been listening to episodes ever since! Sawbones is a husband and wife duo who talk about medical history and all the weird things that people have done in the past. Sydnee McElroy is a doctor which is cool because you get knowledge from a doctor's perspective and her husband Justin gives you a bit of comic relief. I have listened to episodes on epilepsy, magnets, left handedness, Dr. Mesmer (the reason we have the word mesmerize) and I've queued up all of their old episodes. If you enjoy medical history but are not very up to date on science, that's okay! The show is not extremely technical, it's just kind of fun, you should check them out!

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