Friday, April 4, 2014


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 Skirt: LOFT//Jacket: American Living via JCPenney//Top: H&M//Scarf: Made by me// Shoes: Target

Last Saturday I went to see a new to me band called Typhoon and I must say they were so good! I went with a group of coworkers and we first stopped for dinner at Groovewood Tavern which is pretty close to the Beachland Ballroom where they were playing. I'd never been there before but now I'm in love because they actually give you the option to get a veggie burger with bacon! I used to order a veggie burger with bacon all the time at another restaurant and every time they would look at me like I was a bit looney. I see nothing wrong with liking the taste of a veggie burger as well as bacon, and obviously enough customers at Groovewood Tavern agree since they actually had it on the menu!

The actual concert was fantastic. There were two openers, both with girl leads which was nice and I'm sad to say I don't remember either of their names and don't have an actual ticket because I did will call. But they were both great! Typhoon was awesome! I've had their cd sitting in my room for a few weeks now and hadn't even listened to the whole thing before I went, but now it's on repeat. Do you ever do that, just hope you like a band based on one or two songs and just go to their concert anyway? I wouldn't do that if it was an expensive concert, but this was like $12 so I figured if anything one of the bands would be good.

Have a lovely Friday!

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