Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Recap: Great Wide Somewhere and Happy Easter!

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This weekend was so lovely! Friday my mom and I were both off so we did a little shopping for Easter and went on our first outdoor walk of the year! I took my mom to the new Acacia Reservation that was just opened last year because somehow I'd never taken her there with me, it's right down the street from us! It used to be an old golf course and country club but it was sold to the Cleveland Metroparks and they are letting it naturally go back to being forest. It's really cool watching the grass kind of take over slowly. I'm a freeze baby so I choose not to go walking in the winter, though I am always impressed by the runners who run outdoors all year long. Friday night I made sure I had zero plans because I really just wanted to totally veg out and read and spend a quiet night at home. I really like doing that sometimes, I got through four Star Trek graphic novels and had some tea. 

Saturday morning I started out with another walk, this time through Beachwood's city park, and the place that the picture above was taken. I didn't realize how much I missed walking outdoors, I like to go alone so I can think and listen to music and just enjoy the trees. When I got home, my peacefulness turned into panic because somehow I forgot that the next day was Easter and that I would have no time for schoolwork and it all needed to be done then! I then spent the good majority of the day doing homework, but I did stop long enough to make this beauty:

Well, it's actually not so pretty but it sure tasted good! It's just ice cream sandwiches layered with chocolate icing, covered in whipped cream and frozen overnight; pretty much a really easy version of an ice cream cake. It was a big hit for Easter dessert. For Easter my grandparents and a family friend came over and we all had dinner and spent some time together, it was a really nice day.

How was your weekend?

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