Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Recap: Movies and Dancing

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Hi lovelies! I hope everyone's weekend was grand, mine was so much fun! Friday night I finally went to see Divergent. I was afraid because books to movies don't normally turn out well to me, but I must say the movie was amazing and stayed pretty true to the story. I won't go into detail further than that just in case some people are late movie-goers like me, but I suggest you see it!

Saturday night I got to see Wesley Brite and the Hi-Lites for the second time with a few friends. I was so excited to see them again after seeing them to ring in the New Year, and they were just as fun and energetic as the last time around. I danced my behind off and there was even a soul train line at the end! Too much fun may have been had because Sunday my legs were definitely feeling the dancing!

Well, I am off to knitting night, hope you had an a-ok Monday! Tell me about your weekend, did you do anything fun (relaxing in pjs counts as fun too!)

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