Friday, May 30, 2014

Smell of Summer

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Dress: eShakti//Shoes: Target

Hi everyone! This week was my last week at the art museum where I was doing volunteer work because I will be starting my big internship in just two weeks at the Dittrick Medical Museum, ah! Time has flown by so fast and summer is practically here!

To quickly sum up the week since I neglected to do weekend recap (woops!), my friends Jenny and Brad got married on Sunday, it was so beautiful. They got married at Patterson's Fruit Farm and it was the perfect day. Monday, I got to see my friend Amelia and her friend from school because they came home for the weekend and it was Amelia's birthday! They also told me they read my blog and thought it was cute. I was surprisingly not as embarrassed as I usually am when people tell me they've read my blog.

The rest of the week, and as I write this, I've been trying to stay outside as much as I can, so I've been watching movies in the backyard and took a walk with my friend Christina. We were discussing how it just smells like summer now, the sun is shining, we're not cooped up in the house, I feel like everyone in general is in such a happy mood! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lady Fashion Crush: Sandra Dee

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All photos found on Pinterest

I have a Gidget poster on my wall so I see Sandra Dee everyday. I also want to sing the song from Grease every time I see her name! She is such a pretty lady, I love the red striped outfit so much, I just can't resist red! I also really love her outfit with the pants and the sash belt, and her shoes are gorgeous.

What do you think of Sandra Dee?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blueberry Muffins with Streusel Crumb Topping

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I have been dreaming about blueberry muffins ever since the first wedding I went to two weeks ago, so I went straight to my pinterest boards and found a blueberry muffin recipe, and this one is so so good! This one comes from Oh My God Chocolate Desserts and it is such a simple recipe. You make the crumb topping first, then the muffin batter. I also really liked that I didn't have to buy a lot of ingredients, just the fresh blueberries! I actually made this set last week and I'm actually making a second batch for work tomorrow.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Blueberry Dreamin'

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Dress: eShakti//Belt: Modcloth (came with skirt)//Shoes: Bait Footwear

Hello and Happy Friday! Yesterday was such a busy day! I volunteered at the art museum's library in the morning, went to work, and went to my friend Jamie's concert last night! She's in a band called Let 'Em Run which plays a mix of bluegrass and rock. This was the first time they were the headliners so that was pretty awesome. Jamie's mom Beth came as well as her grandparents. I knit with Beth for knitting circle every week and hear about the grandparents all the time so it was nice to finally meet them. I was worried that it was going to be too loud for her grandpa because Beth told me he doesn't like really loud music, but he had a good time! 

There were three other bands, but I was really excited to see one in particular, Lords of the Highway. They are a rockabilly band, I think they're local or at least close to here because they play in venues around here pretty often. I liked them a lot too, but I think they would be better outdoors or at a bigger venue simply because they're very loud and energetic and the venue, The Grog Shop, is a pretty tiny place, the smallest one I can think of around here.

Today I have a pretty open schedule so I am going to try out a new Pinterest recipe. I always pin so many yummy looking things but very rarely actually get around to making them. I'm going to try a simple blueberry muffin recipe, so we'll see how it turns out!

Have a lovely Friday!

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lady Fashion Crush: Jenny Lewis

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 All photos found on Pinterest

Jenny Lewis is a dream! I love her style and all of her musical projects, but my deepest love is when she was in Rilo Kiley. I have played the More Adventurous cd to death and every song is just so beautiful. Jenny's style is modern but she adds in some vintage elements once in a while and it's so perfectly her.

Do you like Jenny Lewis? What do you think of her style?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

C&LM: Katharine Hepburn A Hollywood Yankee

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For this week's Cinema and Literary Musings  post I quickly finished by this wonderful biography of Katharine Hepburn by Gary Carey. I took it with me on my trip to Rochester over the weekend for the car ride. I love Katharine Hepburn and her movies and this book really made me realize just how many of her movies I haven't seen! It starts with her childhood and the tragic death of her brother. This made her a very shy girl and she had trouble connecting with classmates. This is when she decided to become an actress. Hepburn was in many small theater productions, then Broadway, and finally films. The book goes in chronological order, and each chapter is broken down by whichever film or play was her largest production of the time.

Katharine had a very strong personality and it is evident throughout the book. If she didn't like the direction a director was taking a scene, she would fight to get it changed or even just play it her way. Many directors wrote parts specifically for her, since her mannerisms and voice were so strange and unchangeable even through many years of coaching. I personally am glad that they didn't erase all of her unique quirks, those kinds of little extras really bring more to a person's acting and she was definitely not a cookie cutter actress. There was also a bit about her romances; her one and only marriage to Ludlow Ogden Smith, Howard Hughes, and Spencer Tracy. There weren't many details into these relationships, just what the gossip columnists would know, or just the relationship during work in the case of Tracy. 

Hepburn kept a pretty private life, as much as she could. Early into her career she refused to talk to most reporters and would deny fans autographs in an attempt to keep some privacy. This really shows in terms of the actual biography because it is very focused on her career and her actions on sets. I actually like it better that there isn't so much of the gossipy news that we so so often with many celebrities. I liked that it focused mainly on her career, her acting style, and her accomplishments.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Canadian Tuxedo

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Jacket: Levis//Jeans: Freddies of Pinewood//Shoes: Bait Footwear//Top: H&M

Today I felt like wearing all denim, which means I was embracing the Canadian Tuxedo. I have always heard the phrase and know it when I see it, but I decided to actually take the time to see why people call an all denim outfit a Canadian Tuxedo. Apparently it's a joke from the movie Super Troopers, which I've never seen, but there you go!

When I went out to take these pictures I thought that it would be a good idea to go take pictures in the park which is at the end of my street. It's kind of a gloomy day and it looks like it's going to pour anyway so I figured no one would be there. Boy, was I wrong! There were a few families running around and there was a guy on one of those ride on lawn mowers mowing the grass, so I chickened out and went back to the safety of my backyard. Does anyone else get weird about taking outfit photos in public places?

I also got the best surprise when I got back home! I ordered a box set of the Harry Potter books a few weeks ago and they came today! I love Harry Potter, and at one point my brother and I did have all of the books, but over the years they have been lost or just disappeared, and all I had left was the audiobook version of Order of the Phoenix (my favorite of the books!). So now I'm off to start reading before I head to work. Have a great day!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Recap: Wedding Weekend Bonanza!

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Happy Monday everyone! This past weekend was the first of the two wedding weeks, starting with my sweet friends Abby and Ryan who were married on Saturday. They live in Rochester, New York so my friends and I decided to head out a day early and explore the city before the festivities. My friend Mary drove Michelle and I there; we left Friday afternoon, got there around seven, and had dinner at this cute restaurant called the Frog Pond. The walls were green and  there was a picture of a frog on the menu, but luckily no cooked frogs on the menu! After dinner we met up with our friends Jenny and Brad at this super cute coffee shop in the historic district of Rochester. All the houses in that area, and most of Rochester that we saw, were these huge old Victorians, they were absolutely beautiful! There was a guy performing with an acoustic guitar and I can't remember his name but his style and voice was so unique and quirky. His music kind of reminded me of the music usually found on Wes Anderson film soundtracks.

The next day was the wedding, but it was later in the day at five, so Michelle, Mary and I took the morning to explore. Rochester has an outdoor art walk kind of area. There were maps posted to show you where the different outdoor sculptures were and along the way there were art galleries, cultural centers, craft stores, and museums. We went into an African culture center and read the posters and looked at some art while we heard people practicing an African drum song. We then walked past a Literary Center which had this fun Poetry phone booth and this really scary jail-like door which must be for people who say they don't like to read! We also explored the outside of the George Eastman Estate, which was this huge place that was attached to a photography and film museum. We didn't go inside as we were running low on time, but the Eastman house had a gorgeous garden with beautiful architecture. We took a lot of goofy pictures around here, it was a fun time!

 We couldn't find the bride :(

We saw her!

We went back to our hotel for a few hours to relax, and then it was time for the wedding. It was so beautiful. Their colors were blue and orange, and we're all a bit nerdy so we were all given Batman rings. This is also because Ryan proposed to Abby with a Batman ring (she got a real ring later), so it was a sweet touch! They said their own vows during the ceremony and I had to stop myself from bawling by trying not to look at anyone but Ryan. Abby's sister was crying, Abby was crying, everyone was crying. Their friend officiated the ceremony which I thought was really sweet. After the ceremony was dinner and then dancing! Dancing was my favorite part. I went out there with Mary and some of the bridesmaids and danced my behind off! In the beginning not a lot of people danced, but they slowly warmed up to the dancefloor. There was also a photobooth with funny props so we took a ton of pictures there! I don't have any of them now because they're going to be emailed to us, but I can't wait to see!

The next morning Abby and Ryan had us all over for brunch, which was nice because we all could see them in a more casual setting. The whole weekend was a blast, I was so happy that I got to see my friends get married on their special day, and I'll see them again next week at our other friends' wedding!

How was your weekend everyone?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lady Fashion Crush: Lauren Bacall/Bookworm Wednesday

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All photos found on Pinterest

Lauren Bacall is such a beauty! The first outfit I seriously need to copy and she makes me feel like I would actually look good in a beret, which I'm not so sure of. She is such a lovely actress, I think my favorite movie of hers is Designing Woman which she leads with Gregory Peck, you need to watch it if you've never seen it!

Do you like Lauren Bacall's style? Have you seen any of her films?

Just a little note, I had the opportunity to  participate in a series called Bookworm Wednesday over on Grimmricken's blog. If you'd like to read about my bookworm ways, head over and take a look!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gotta Love That Old Book Smell

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Today was my first day off (no school, no work, nothing!) in a long time, so I treated myself today. I went on an early morning walk, got a smoothie, and then went to my favorite place in the world. Half Price Books! They are a used book seller and I can never walk in and just get one book. I actually took a lot of books up to sell, because I was cleaning out some of my to-read piles. Some of the books in my to-read piles have been there for years. While I can't let go of some of them, I did let go of a few that I have tried reading and stopped a few times or ones that I just didn't think I would ever get to really. Sometimes I get in a book frenzy and pick up anything that sounds interesting at the time. Does that happen to anyone else? No? Okay, it's just me haha.

While I waited for the offer on the books I was selling, of course I browsed around. I had nine books in my hand and I decided a few needed to be put back. I ended up only buying four, which was good for me.

1. Cary Grant, A Biography- Marc Eliot.
Cary Grant is one of my favorite actors but I don't know a whole lot about him as a person other than a few articles I've read online so I'm excited for this one.

2. Katharine Hepburn, A Hollywood Yankee- Gary Carey.
I picked this one up for the same reason I picked up Cary Grant. Katharine was such a strong willed lady who stood up for herself in a time where women were supposed to be quiet so if I can read more about her life I will.

3. Boardwalk Empire- Nelson Johnson.
I wasn't looking for this one, I was actually looking for a book on Bonnie and Clyde but I stumbled across it and had to have it! I watch the HBO series that was based on this book so I'm excited to read more about the characters in a less dramatized way than the series portrays.\

4. The Crimes of Jack the Ripper- Paul Roland
I have been obsessed with the stories of Jack the Ripper, Lizzie Borden, all of those weird mystery murders for a while. It's a bit morbid, but I really like learning about them. I've read a graphic novel version of the story of Jack the Ripper and watched many tv specials, but never a whole novel.

Do you have any books that are on your list to read next?

Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Recap: Holidays and Frozen

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This weekend was full of fun! Friday night we celebrated my friend Mary's birthday at a new restaurant in town called The Pub, which is set up like a British pub and it was really cute. All of the servers wore football shirts and kilts, and the chairs and tables were set up like the long tables in castles, complete with huge upholstered chairs at each end. Now, it seemed like a huge mix of British stereotypes in one place, but it was pretty cool. After dinner we played Cards Against Humanity which is always a ridiculous time! If you've never played, it's sort of like Apples to Apples. You pick a card from one pile which has a question or a statement with a blank, and all of the other players have cards from a different pile in their hands and choose one card that they think matches the question/statement. The the person who pulled the card reads their options out loud and chooses the one they like, and that person wins the card. I think we all play more for shock value than trying to answer the questions, but the cards are so extreme. There's also a librarian version which I want to play!

Saturday night most of the group from Friday got back together and we watched Frozen, a few episodes of Ancient Aliens and then talked about our friend Jessie's awesome book collection and horror podcasts. If you haven't heard of the Mad Gasser of Matton, look it up, it was one of the subjects of a podcast, and the story is so creepy! Sunday was of course, Mother's Day, and I want to say Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there. My family has a tradition where we all go to breakfast with my grandparents so we did that in the morning which was really nice and afterwards, my mom and I watched some movies on Turner Classic Movies. I get sucked into that channel, especially  on Sundays because they seem to play the best line up of films that day.

How was your weekend? Do you celebrate Mother's Day, if so, what did you do with your mom?

Friday, May 9, 2014

eShakti Dress Review

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Dress: courtesy of eShakti//Belt: vintage from Etsy//Shoes: Seychelles

So a few weeks back I was contacted by eShakti and asked if I would like to review one of their products and of course I said yes! If you have never heard of eShakti they are an online clothing company which offers dresses, skirts, and jackets. The best part about them is, everything is capable of being customized to you! They offer a wide range of sizes from 0-36W so they are a company who tries to include everyone. My favorite part of their dresses is that they all include pockets!

This was not my first experience with eShakti, I would actually say I'm a pretty loyal customer (I already have about 10 of their dresses!) so I knew that my sample would be well made. Most of their dresses are 100% cotton and they are very sturdy. I actually found eShakti when I was looking around for dresses that were a better quality than those I found in stores (I'm looking at you Forever 21) and I fell in love with them. They also are the perfect length and have the retro feel that I really love.

I chose this dress in particular because I don't have very many green items in my wardrobe and it was such a cute springy color. I also adore the collar, it's definitely my favorite part of the dress. The full skirt is perfect and hits right below the knee which I like, and it's full enough on it's own to wear without a petticoat, but if you wanted to it would just add to it! I think the only thing that bugs me about the dresses is that I can never get all of the wrinkles out, but I think that's more my lack of ironing skills than the dress itself.

If you have never shopped with eShakti before and would like to check them out, they do offer a new customer special of $25 off your first purchase, and they always have really amazing sales. I wanted to finish this post off by saying that these are my true and honest opinions of the company, as I said before I was already a customer of theirs before they contacted me for this and I really do love the company. 

I want to say a big thanks again to eShakti for choosing me to review their company and for sending me this lovely dress!

Here's an added bonus for you readers: eShakti has given me a coupon code for you! If you enter the code tpbes in the promontional code box at checkout, you will get 10% off of your order! This code is valid from 5/9/2014-6/9/2014.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lady Fashion Crush: Dita Von Teese

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All photos from Pinterest

Dita Von Teese is a gorgeous modern retro fashion mogul. I read somewhere that she does her own hair and makeup  for shoots and red carpets and things and that surprised me because usually celebrities don't. She always looks so glamorous, even with she's "dressed down". I think my favorite photo I found is the second one, I think that's the most casual I've ever seen her and she's still so put together with her full skirt and matching straw bag.

Do you like Dita Von Teese's style?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

C&LM: Rock-A-Bye Baby

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Rock-A-Bye Baby was so funny! Jerry Lewis plays a not so great tv repairman in a small town and his high school crush has gone off to become a famous actress. She is just at the peak of her career when she becomes pregnant and finds out right after her husband dies the day after their wedding. In order for this not to come out and ruin her career, she goes back home and begs Lewis to take her child and raise it as his own. He agrees, and it turns out that she gives birth to triplets! Craziness ensues as he tries to care for the children, adopt them, and not expose who the mother is! I thought it was really funny, Jerry Lewis movies are so great, if you want a laugh I suggest you take a look at this.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Patterson's Fruit Farm

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Dress: eShakti//Shoes: Steve Madden via Famous Footwear

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Today I went on a little morning adventure to Patterson's Fruit Farm to walk around and have a change of scenery for pictures with my friend Michelle. It was such a nice day, I can't wait for more sunny days to come soon! Two of my friends are getting married there in just a few weeks, so we were trying to figure out where everything would be set up. I usually don't go to Patterson's unless it's the fall for apples and apple fritters, but it was nice to see it starting to turn green again after our horridly long winter. 

I'm also super excited because it's the last week of school and I just have a few more assignments until I'm free!...for a month anyway. I start my practicum, which is my graded internship for library school, in June. I'll be at the Dittrick Medical Museum and I think it's going to be so interesting it won't even be like schoolwork!

I made Michelle take pictures too because she looked so pretty and I think she thought I was a little crazy. I usually don't have anyone with me when I take blog photos, just me and my trusty tripod. But it was fun to be on the other side and take photos of someone else!

One last thing: I recently started a Facebook page for this little blog so if you'd like to follow me there you can click the link in my sidebar or just right here!