Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Recap: Holidays and Frozen

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This weekend was full of fun! Friday night we celebrated my friend Mary's birthday at a new restaurant in town called The Pub, which is set up like a British pub and it was really cute. All of the servers wore football shirts and kilts, and the chairs and tables were set up like the long tables in castles, complete with huge upholstered chairs at each end. Now, it seemed like a huge mix of British stereotypes in one place, but it was pretty cool. After dinner we played Cards Against Humanity which is always a ridiculous time! If you've never played, it's sort of like Apples to Apples. You pick a card from one pile which has a question or a statement with a blank, and all of the other players have cards from a different pile in their hands and choose one card that they think matches the question/statement. The the person who pulled the card reads their options out loud and chooses the one they like, and that person wins the card. I think we all play more for shock value than trying to answer the questions, but the cards are so extreme. There's also a librarian version which I want to play!

Saturday night most of the group from Friday got back together and we watched Frozen, a few episodes of Ancient Aliens and then talked about our friend Jessie's awesome book collection and horror podcasts. If you haven't heard of the Mad Gasser of Matton, look it up, it was one of the subjects of a podcast, and the story is so creepy! Sunday was of course, Mother's Day, and I want to say Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there. My family has a tradition where we all go to breakfast with my grandparents so we did that in the morning which was really nice and afterwards, my mom and I watched some movies on Turner Classic Movies. I get sucked into that channel, especially  on Sundays because they seem to play the best line up of films that day.

How was your weekend? Do you celebrate Mother's Day, if so, what did you do with your mom?

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