Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Recap: Wedding Weekend Bonanza!

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Happy Monday everyone! This past weekend was the first of the two wedding weeks, starting with my sweet friends Abby and Ryan who were married on Saturday. They live in Rochester, New York so my friends and I decided to head out a day early and explore the city before the festivities. My friend Mary drove Michelle and I there; we left Friday afternoon, got there around seven, and had dinner at this cute restaurant called the Frog Pond. The walls were green and  there was a picture of a frog on the menu, but luckily no cooked frogs on the menu! After dinner we met up with our friends Jenny and Brad at this super cute coffee shop in the historic district of Rochester. All the houses in that area, and most of Rochester that we saw, were these huge old Victorians, they were absolutely beautiful! There was a guy performing with an acoustic guitar and I can't remember his name but his style and voice was so unique and quirky. His music kind of reminded me of the music usually found on Wes Anderson film soundtracks.

The next day was the wedding, but it was later in the day at five, so Michelle, Mary and I took the morning to explore. Rochester has an outdoor art walk kind of area. There were maps posted to show you where the different outdoor sculptures were and along the way there were art galleries, cultural centers, craft stores, and museums. We went into an African culture center and read the posters and looked at some art while we heard people practicing an African drum song. We then walked past a Literary Center which had this fun Poetry phone booth and this really scary jail-like door which must be for people who say they don't like to read! We also explored the outside of the George Eastman Estate, which was this huge place that was attached to a photography and film museum. We didn't go inside as we were running low on time, but the Eastman house had a gorgeous garden with beautiful architecture. We took a lot of goofy pictures around here, it was a fun time!

 We couldn't find the bride :(

We saw her!

We went back to our hotel for a few hours to relax, and then it was time for the wedding. It was so beautiful. Their colors were blue and orange, and we're all a bit nerdy so we were all given Batman rings. This is also because Ryan proposed to Abby with a Batman ring (she got a real ring later), so it was a sweet touch! They said their own vows during the ceremony and I had to stop myself from bawling by trying not to look at anyone but Ryan. Abby's sister was crying, Abby was crying, everyone was crying. Their friend officiated the ceremony which I thought was really sweet. After the ceremony was dinner and then dancing! Dancing was my favorite part. I went out there with Mary and some of the bridesmaids and danced my behind off! In the beginning not a lot of people danced, but they slowly warmed up to the dancefloor. There was also a photobooth with funny props so we took a ton of pictures there! I don't have any of them now because they're going to be emailed to us, but I can't wait to see!

The next morning Abby and Ryan had us all over for brunch, which was nice because we all could see them in a more casual setting. The whole weekend was a blast, I was so happy that I got to see my friends get married on their special day, and I'll see them again next week at our other friends' wedding!

How was your weekend everyone?

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