Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's a Bird! It's A Plane!

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Dress: Modcloth//Shoes: Bait Footwear

Today was a fun day! I was off and since it's Tuesday, it's knitting club day. We decided to switch it up and went to have lunch at Panera and knit there. There wasn't too much knitting but we did have really yummy lunch :) We ended up staying there for two hours, time just flew by.

After Panera I went to meet my sweet friend Allison for coffee and we had a nice chat, again, much longer than we thought, but time flies when you're having fun right? We quickly went over to the thrift/consignment shop across the street and found some cute things, but not in the right sizes.Sometimes luck isn't on your side with thrifting, maybe next time!

Now I'm off to talk a walk in the park and then head to karaoke later! I'm trying to learn all of Hunter Hayes' song 'Invisible' so I can sing something new. I always end up singing, Disney, musicals, or Queen every time so I'm trying to switch it up!

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