Friday, June 13, 2014

The White Stripes

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Top: H&M//Shorts: American Apparel//Shoes: Target
I have been listening to the White Stripes a lot this week at my practicum because it is completely silent where I'm working, so today I thought I'd emulate one of my favorite high school bands by wearing black, white, and red. It helps that this is one of my favorite color combinations anyway.

This week was my first week of practicum work and regular work and it's kind of kicked my behind! Mondays and Thursday for the next two months will be 12 hour days :( Even so, I had some fun this week! Tuesday I went to karaoke of course and we had a pretty big crowd, there were eight or so of us so woohoo! Much better than last week when it was just my friend Steph and I for the first hour and a half...

Wednesday I hung out with my friend Christina and heard all about her fun vacation. She went to North Carolina for a week and from the pictures of the beach and the cute beach house it looked like such a relaxing vacation. This weekend is pretty packed, I am going to Steph's house for a fire pit night tonight, and my unbirthday-birthday dinner is tomorrow. My birthday is actually next Thursday but I'll be driving back from vacation that day! I'm so excited, I have been waiting for this trip for months and I can't believe it's already here! My family and I are going to Graceland! We're also going to the Memphis Zoo, and then down to Atlanta to visit my aunt and go to the aquarium there. I'll have lots to tell you all about next week! Have a lovely weekend!

As it's Friday and I've actually posted an outfit post I will be linking up with Passion for Fashion this week over on Rachel the Hat's blog!

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