Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Recap: The Great Outdoors

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Hi everyone! This weekend I was outside every single day and it was lovely! Friday night I went out to a new place called the Sunset Grille with my friend Christina and her sister and sister's boyfriend. It was mainly an outdoor place with lots of picnic tables right by the water and a little dance floor. We watched a few people dance and Christina and I got up there ourselves. We realized we need new dance moves because we do the same dance every. single. time.

Saturday I spent  most of the day with my mom! We went shopping early  in the day and then we went to the Legacy Village Art Festival. It happens every year, there are so many amazing artists who set up booths and we walked around and looked at all of them. Legacy Village is kind of like an outdoor shopping mall and has lots of stores and restaurants, and all of the restaurants set up booths as well. We got chocolate covered strawberries from the Melting Pot booth both times we passed it! Then we realized we really hadn't eaten all day so we walked over to California Pizza Kitchen and had late lunch on their patio. I also finished up a sweater that I have been working on for SO LONG. I had a few setbacks with the pattern but it came out pretty well!

Sunday was my little brother's birthday, I can't believe he's 21! We had cake for him and sang happy birthday, and then he was off to celebrate with his friends. I decided was going to be a cleaning/organizing day. I spent the good majority of the day reorganizing my bookshelf, ironing, and doing laundry. I was going to start going through my yarn box because it is just a mixed mess of yarn and loose needles, it's like a horror movie, but I was kind of pooped so that will be tackled another day.

How was your weekend? I hope it was lovely!

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