Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Recap: Porchfest and Lost Boys

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Hello hello! Happy Monday! I apologize for this being so late, Mondays have become my long work day so I haven't been home but I did want to quickly tell you all about my weekend, and vacation posts will be coming too, once I get through all of the 200+ pictures I took...oh geez!

Well, what I can say is that this week was super fun! I feel like since it's summer my weekends are jammed full with fun summer events. Friday was the first full day I was back so that was really a sleep and relax day, but I went to dinner with my friends Jenna and Markisha at Buffalo Wild Wings, and then we went to Target. I cannot resist a Target trip! I bought a new book, like I needed more books, but they had a sale on the newest City of Bones book City of Heavenly Fire. I don't do as much teen fiction as I used to but this series was popular among the other librarians last year and I got hooked and may or may not have read all five books in two or three weeks...So I was super excited about this one!

Saturday was Larchmere Porchfest, which is a local music festival in the Larchmere neighborhood (really close to me) and it's a music festival where bands play guessed it, porches! It's a really cool concept. I got there a bit early and couldn't find my friends and so I couldn't resist popping into the yarn shop there, Fine Points. I got the most beautiful green yarn by Madeline Tosh and I even got a birthday discount! Eventually I met up with my friends, some from work, and my friends Dawn and Dell from my old job at JCPenney! I hadn't seen either of them in so long, and I got to see their baby Devon, he's so cute! Dawn and I are Big Brother buddies, I was always a fan of Big Brother, but I didn't realize how crazy the fans really get and how much you can really get into the game..we may have even started making up a song in honor of Big Brother 16 US starting up again this week (We also watch Canada!).

Saturday night I went to the Late Shift movies series sponsored by Melt Bar and Grilled with my friends Steph and Michelle where you can see an old movie for $5 at midnight once a month. This month it was The Lost Boys. I am not a scary movie person, but for some reason I love The Lost Boys. I think that it's because it has so much silly 80s comedy mixed in and it's not really horror, it's more just vampires pop out at you (which I still don't like!). It was a good end to the night, the audience in the theater was laughing and making comments the whole time, which was fine since I think most people had seen it before, and it made it more fun!

How was everyone's weekend? I hope it was a nice one!

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