Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Recap: TFiOS, MIX and Pasta

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Well this weekend was a good one! First, I kicked it off by seeing an early screening of The Fault in Our Stars and it was SO GOOD! I cried a little, and I don't cry at any movie (other than 500 Days of Summer, it's weird I know), but ughhhh, it was so good! It stuck pretty closely to the storyline which I was happy about and if you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for?! Oh, did I mention that our theater was empty? We went Thursday night at 10, after the special 8:30 showing that included free bracelets and a live talk with the cast and John Green, but sadly I was working until 9. This meant that the 10 pm screening was dead!

Friday night I went to MIX at the Cleveland Museum of Art with some ladies from work and it was so fun! MIX events happen the first Friday of every month and they pretty much allow you to wander around the museum with other MIX goers and listen to music. We ate dinner there and looked around a bit, and then tried a new place called Coquette. They serve cute little cakes, macaroons, and drinks. I tried a mango cake and it was as good as it looked! Sorry I forgot to take a picture because it was that good.

Friday was also my mom's birthday, but she was tired after work, so Saturday night we went to dinner at Olive Garden and then came home and totally vegged out and watched tv. It was really nice.

Today I started my practicum and did my first 12 hour day (that and work after). I'm just going to put it out there now that posting my become a bit scattered as I'm not going to be home as much for the next two months, so just a little warning!

How was your weekend?

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