Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Little Insight Into My Reading Habits

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I was reading Chronically Vintage's blog the other day and saw that she shared her answers for this fun reading habits Q&A so I thought I would share my answers for it as well!

Do you snack while you read? If so, what is your favorite reading snack?

Sometimes I snack while I'm reading but I usually try to pick snacks that won't get my books too messy. Things like pretzels or fruit

What is your favorite drink while reading?

Tea, tea, tea! I am a coffee drinker through and through but tea while reading is my favorite! I think it's something to do with smelling the different flavored teas and associating that with particular books.

Do you tend to mark your books as you read, or does the idea of writing in books horrify you?

I would NEVER, EVER mark up a personal book I am reading for my own pleasure. I dislike the distraction that comes with reading while having a bunch of handwritten notes in the margins. However, I do find that school books or textbooks (that I own) are constantly highlighted and have notes all over, because that helps me remember the chapters faster than rereading the entire chapter again!

How do you keep your place while reading a book? Bookmark? Dog-ears? Laying the book flat open?

Actually none of those options, at least in the traditional sense. I usually make bookmarks by ripping up pieces of the receipt for the book, and these bookmarks tend to then live with the book on my bookshelf. I have real bookmarks but I find that I tend to lose them so if I lose a little piece of paper I won't be too upset about it.

Fiction, non-fiction, or both?

My first choices are almost always fiction but lately I have become more interested in reading non-fiction so I've been trying to add more non-fiction to be reading list. I most recently read a set of books about memorial photography called Sleeping Beauty: Memorial Photography in America by Stanley B. Burns.

Are you the kind of person who tends to read to the end of the chapter, or can you stop anywhere?

I don't have to read until the end of the chapter, but I do feel the need to finish the two pages that are open so I'm not starting in the middle.

Are you the type of person to throw a book across the room or on the floor if the author irritates you?

No, not really. If I get frustrated with a book I'll just start talking to it but I won't throw it across the room.

If you come across a familiar word, do you stop and look it up right away?

I usually try to look it up right away or at least make note of it if I'm not near a computer or dictionary.

What are you currently reading?

Currently, I'm rereading The Great Gatsby for my annual summer reading, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and Getting the Pretty Back.

What is the last book you bought?

Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I have been slightly obsessed with reading about people who take these great adventures into the wilderness and away from society since reading Into the Wild earlier this year.

Are you the type of person that reads one book at a time, or can you read more than one?

As you can see from the currently reading question, I am always reading more than one book at once. I usually am reading one more than the others, but I like to have options sometimes when I'm feeling a little book antsy.

Do you have a favorite place/time to read?

I can pretty much read anywhere, but I really enjoy reading at my dining room table early in the morning while I eat breakfast. It's always a really quiet and peaceful time.

Do you prefer series books or stand-alones?

It depends on my mood. I enjoy both series book and stand alones for different reasons. Series books allow you to really connect and fall in and out of love with your characters over and over again with each new book you read. However, stand alones can be just as beautiful and the characters can stick with you just as much as a series. I think I generally read more stand alones but when I get into a series I  have to read all of the books right after another if possible.

Is there a specific book or author that you find yourself recommending over and over? 

Lately I've been recommending The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. I read the first five books all last October and the final book of the series just came out this May and I just finished it last week. Some other recommendations I make all the time are anything by Orson Scott Card and Jane Austen.

How do you organize your books (by genre, title, author's last name, etc)?

I organize my books alphabetically by author, and within the author the books are alphabetical by title. I find this is easiest for me to find books quickly and to know what I have of each author's writing collection.

I hope that some of you lovely readers take this little Q&A too and let me know if you do!

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