Monday, July 7, 2014

Blogger Highlight: Abigail of Sweeter Gets the Journey

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(All photos in the post are from Sweeter Gets the Journey's blog)

Happy Monday everyone! So earlier this year I started a new feature called Blogger Highlight, which originally was supposed to highlight a different blogger once a month, but time got away from me. Alas, I'm happy to say that I have a lovely blogger named Abigail who runs Sweeter Gets the Journey!

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?
I'm a 17 year old from the beautiful state of Kansas.
 I have an little dog sidekick, Daisy,  I struggle with being shy and awkward, am a part time librarian, love God and  pretty much everything on this earth.
Sweeter Gets the Journey is one of those blogs that doesn't have a theme,
except for the fact that I write it and it includes Daisy and a lot of my pictures.
I just blog about whatever I’m into at the time, when I feel like it.
When and why did you start blogging?
This past winter, January 2014.
I've never had had any social media outlets so up until now I’ve never shared my thoughts or photographs online. I mainly just want to share, but I wanted a place of my own.

              You have such great musical skills, when did you first learn to play instruments and how many can you play?
This is where some folks' 'overachiever alert' goes off.  Bear with me.
I first started learning music when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade.
Mom had me taking piano lessons and I did not like it.  She finally gave in and let me quit after a few years.
Then when I was about 12, I saved and bought an acoustic guitar and a family member taught me a few chords, but then I started expanding on that on my own.
For my 14th birthday, I got a banjo,
which I am very slowly learning to play with help of the internet.
I also can play the dobro (resonator guitar played with a slide),
and a bit of fiddle, mandolin and upright bass.
So in all, that is seven.  I usually just don't tell people all that because it's a long explanation and then they think I’m super ultra talented.
I'm not.  These are very hard for me, too, I’ve just spent a LOT of time practicing (I can't help but not to, because I get great enjoyment and relaxation through playing.)
so my excuse is that if you love something, you'll make time for it.
That and the banjo and dobro are similar, and the mandolin and fiddle are basically the same thing as well, its the slight variations that make them challengingly fun to learn.
I am not a professional, I have not 'mastered' any of them, but I like to play and it's amazing the help you can find online and through playing with others.

                  I love your writing style; do you do a lot of creative writing?
Besides my blog, not really.
I do have a few stories I work on when I get the burning inspiration,
but I’ve never liked writing or grammar classes.

          Can you tell everyone about the Sunset Project? I just think it’s so cool!
In 2011 heard about a  lady from northern Kansas who survived brain tumors and now gets up every morning and paints the sunrise.
That was kind of my inspiration.  It seems so interesting to record something that happens every day yet is so amazing, special and different every time.
For about the first half of 2012, I took a picture of the sunset every night,
but life got hectic and I lost track until I was so far behind I lost desire.
But then this winter when I got a blog and thought it would be so cool to start back up again and share.
So, as of February 2014, I take a picture of the sunset every night and post them weekly.
All I do is grab my camera and click the shutter.  There is not a lot of effort on my part,
but the images have become sort of a wordless journal, for no two days are alike.
I have been dumbfounded at the positive response.  It's not everyone's thing, but I am seriously surprised at all the folks that love sunsets and think the project is cool.

                  You seem to me like an old soul. Have you always loved older music and style?
Yes.  But it was introduced to me and encouraged by my parents.
Dad used to own a record store in the 70s, so as far  back as I can remember,
he's always played a huge variety of awesome music he has that was left over.
My mom loves antique everything, and used to help me set my hair and sew
(and still does occasionally :D )
They also encouraged me to listen when older people told stores, even if I thought it was boring,  and shared with us their favorite old tv shows and literally almost all of the movies they brought home for a family movie night were over 50 years old.
So I’ve had a lot of help.

        Do you have any blog recommendations, people that you just have to read?
Ugh.  That is SO HARD. I read so many blogs it's not even funny.  (I'm always surprised at my feeds every day because I’ve almost forgotten about a blog until I read it again.  It's like 'oh yeah, I remember this blog, I love it!'  )

Thank you so much :)

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