Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Recap: Month of July Edition

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Hello! So I have been super absent here in the blogosphere because my summer has been so busy between my internship, work, and a surprisingly busy social calendar. Thankfully, life just slowed down a bit because my practicum is now complete! Yay! I only have two classes between me and graduation and these will be knocked out this fall. I am so excited to be this close to being done with my Master's, I've been in school for six and a half years and I have no idea what I'm going to do with all that extra free time that comes without doing schoolwork (I guess fill it up with a full time librarian job haha!).

I will be starting to follow my blog schedule again, for those who don't remember or know what that looks like I try to follow a loose schedule with every day having a theme. It'll be nice to get back into a routine. I've missed blogging and also reading others' blogs! I am so behind on my blog reader and have so many backlogged posts to read so I will be catching up soon. 

So here's a rundown on the month of July:

-I've gone to a few concerts this month: Journey, Steve Miller Band, Saintseneca, The Donkeys (an impromptu show which actually turned out to be really good!).

-I went to a free yoga class in a local park with my friend Christina and realized that actual yoga classes are MUCH tougher than my yoga dvds! It was fun taking  a class with others and giggling in the back at Christina the whole time.

-Of course knitting club was still in the mix. We've had less knitting club this summer because of people going on vacation and just summer activities in general. I am almost finished with a new cowl which I'll share here when I'm done, and I have a new cardigan pattern and yarn waiting to be started!

-Karaoke is also an ongoing weekly activity. I think that Tuesday nights have become my favorite night of the week!

-I went on a behind the scenes tour of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History with my young professionals group Cleveland Emerging Museum Professionals, and I think I'm going to write a separate post about this because it was just so cool!

-Finally, this past Saturday I went to see the Cleveland Orchestra with my mom at Blossom Music Center which is an outdoor music pavilion and it was wonderful. I hadn't seen the Cleveland Orchestra since maybe middle school for a school field trip (oops!) and I feel like I need to see them more often! They are having a Beatles tribute concert in August so I'm going to try and get to that one!

How have you all been? I feel so out of the loop with my blog friends. Tell me something fun that has happened recently! Happy Monday :)

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