Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Road Trip: The Lucy-Desi Museum

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This past Saturday my mom and I went on a mini road trip to the Lucy-Desi Museum in Jamestown, New York, the birthplace of Lucille Ball! The museum was separated into two buildings, the museum and the recreated DesiLu Studios. There was a lot of background information on both Lucy and Desi about their families, how they met, and their careers. 

They had a lot of gorgeous costumes from their various shows and videos clips of their performances, not just on I Love Lucy, but also recordings from their radio show, The Lucy Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show, and the films they starred in.

The museum also provided directions to Lucy's birthplace, childhood home, and her family plot where she is buried. Everything was within a 10 minute drive of each other so we visited all three. The birthplace and childhood home are both privately owned homes so while it was cool to drive by them, I couldn't help wondering about who lived there and how many times a day do they have people driving by and gawking at their house!

Overall it was a great trip, it was nice to go with my mom even when she was buying half of the gift shop!
Have a lovely Tuesday!

Friday, August 22, 2014


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 Happy Friday! I feel like it's been an odd week, my days have really been thrown off because karaoke Tuesdays are no more. The group of friends that I go with found out that the company who hosted karaoke at Claddagh where we went is no longer going to be there, so we are kind of out of luck. We're thinking about replacing karaoke with a game night instead, everyone loves board games so I think it'll be fun!

This week I've been knitting like crazy working on the Levenwick cardigan and watching The Hour (which is an amazing show!). So far it's been pretty smooth sailing. The fit is right and it's knitting up quickly, I'm just worried I may run out of yarn. I don't think I will because I have 3 more balls, but I always panic a little. The most difficult part of this pattern is something I haven't come to yet; the button band. I have never made anything with a button band, or button holes, so I will be watching a lot of Youtube videos when I get to that part!

Have a lovely weekend :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

C&LM: Sleeping Beauty: Memorial Photography in America

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This series is a bit morbid, but if you are fascinated by the idea that it was once very popular to take portraits of your recently deceased family members then these books are for you. I came across the concept of memorial photography at work when a patron called asking for photographers for their deceased relative. I honestly had no idea that people did this so after I hung up with them I searched around and found that this was a very common practice beginning in the 19th century. 

I picked up the first two books of the Sleeping Beauty series by Stanley B. Burns and was hooked. In book one there are mainly just pictures, which range from infants to adults, some alone and some surrounded by family. It was sad to me to read that sometimes these were the only photos the family had of their loved ones since photography was still a newer concept and it was very expensive. Book two gave a little more background about the people in the pictures if it was known, and also had a timeline of when memorial photography became popular and how it spread. The books were short in terms of words but the photos really spoke for themselves and showed you how the family wanted their loved one remembered by the way they were positioned or what items they included in the picture. I'm sorry if these were a little too disturbing for some of you but I really found this concept interesting.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lavender Ice Dreams

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Dress: eShakti//Shoes: Steve Madden

Yesterday I actually stayed close to home most of the day, leaving just for a walk in the park, and ended up making a ton of progress on my newest knitting project. It was really nice to get such a huge chunk done all in one sitting! Alas, I don't have many day to day thoughts to share.

One thing that did happen last night was my friend Christina challenged me to do the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. I'm honestly a bit torn on if I want to do it and donate, and I feel like a pretty terrible person for saying that. I understand that the money is going towards helping this horrible disease, but I also feel like I already donate money to causes that I chose and care deeply about, SMA and Breast Cancer, not because I was challenged to throw ice on my head, but because I actually understand what I'm donating to.

On the other hand, if people only donated to causes that effected them or their loved ones directly there would be less donations all around for all causes, which are all important. I just think that maybe this Ice Bucket Challenge thing has become more about making a funny video than the actual cause, ALS, itself. I think maybe I wouldn't feel so torn about it if people actually talked about facts about the disease in the videos along with challenging their friends. I hope I don't offend any of my readers by thinking this through "out loud" here. I will most likely end up making a video sometime today but I will make sure to say something about the disease which these "fun" videos are supporting.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Recap: Birthdays, Breakfasts, and Zoos!

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Happy Monday! I had a three day weekend off from work so of course I filled in all that free time with fun activities! Friday we celebrated my friend Christina's 24th birthday by going out to a part of town called Tremont. It's a really cute art district with lots of restaurants and galleries. We ended up picking places with patios because we wanted to stay outdoors.

Saturday started off with stopping by my sweet friend Jenna's house for a garage sale. She and her family were holding the garage sale for her son Jayce, the cutest little boy who has been diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). They were raising money to buy a medical stroller for him, so I had to go and support them. I ended up getting two books and some yummy brownies baked by Jenna's sister! After the garage sale I went to breakfast with my mom at Bob Evans. We always ask for the same waitress Karen, who has worked there for years and she always remembers our orders, she's a lovely lady. 

This was also the day of the cornhole tournament! I am always either really good or really bad at this game, and that day was no different. It was my friend Lindsay's family party that included a mix of friends and neighbors so there was a pretty big group, and five or six cornhole games set up. The rules were that your team had to lose twice; the first time put you in the winners or losers bracket (you could still win a prize in either one), and the second time you were out for good. The first time my partner and I lost horribly, but our second game was a battle! We were up most of the time but unfortunately the other team caught up. It wasn't really a big deal because it was just really fun. After all of my friends were out of the running we sat down and played Apples to Apples. All in all a good night!

Sunday I had brunch with some of my work ladies at Sweet Melissa's, which was the best secret (to me!) restaurant that's literally 5 minutes from my house! I had no idea that the most amazing breakfast place was just down the road. I had shrimp and grits and it was delicious. They also brought out mini scones and fruit for all of us and I just thought that was super cute! After breakfast I headed to the zoo with my friends Steph and Lindsay! I hadn't been to our Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in years (oops!) and I was so excited to go. It was the perfect day to go, not too hot so most of the animals were actually awake. We rode the carousel with no shame because we had no little children with us, and went to the rainforest (it's separate from the main part of the zoo).

I ended the night by stopping by the Feast in Little Italy to get my cavatelli fix and to see the longest Feast fireworks show I have ever seen. They usually have fireworks, but I felt like it was a Fourth of July length show this time, which was pretty cool! It was a great end to a really fun weekend!

How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Coffee Chit Chat

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Dress: New York and Company//Cardigan: H&M//Shoes: H&M

One thing I miss that I used to do all the time was hang out at coffee shops. It was my go to place if I was bored or my friends and I couldn't figure out what to do, or if I just wanted to escape from my house to do schoolwork. Until yesterday I hadn't set foot inside a coffee shop to actually sit in months!
I met up with my friend Allison before work to chat because she just left our job at the library to be full time at her other job (congrats to her!). We sat for a few hours and it was such a nice feeling to just sit with my coffee and bagel and be around the other coffee shop customers. It's always interesting to people watch in a coffee shop because people are doing anything and everything there; catching up with a friend, doing work, and sometimes if you're lucky you may catch a couple on a date (those are my favorites!).

This weekend should be pretty fun filled! My friend Christina's birthday is Sunday but we're celebrating tonight, and tomorrow I am participating in a corn hole tournament! I apologize in advance for whoever gets stuck with me as their partner because I am usually either really good or really really bad. Hopefully I can find a middle ground. The Feast of the Assumption is also this weekend in our Little Italy so I definitely need to make time to get there and get some cavatelli!

Happy Friday!

As usual, anytime I share an outfit post on Fridays I like to link up with Rachel the Hat's Passion for Fashion! Head over to see the other lovely bloggers and the posts they've shared this week!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lady Fashion Crush: Natalie Wood

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All photos found on Pinterest

Natalie Wood is absolutely gorgeous so of course I have to feature her this week! The first time I saw her in a film was when I watched Rebel Without a Cause and I loved her! That was also my first James Dean film so two amazing actors for the price of one. Have you seen any of her films, if so, which is your favorite?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

C&LM: Good News

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Normally I try to review films I've never watched but Good News is one that I have watched over and over again. It stars Peter Lawford as Tommy and June Allyson as Connie; the college football star and librarian. 

Tommy is the most popular man on campus and he tries to impress the new lady in town Pat McClellan who ignores his advances in a way he's never encountered before. To win her heart, he begins taking French lessons, and being tutored by Connie, who had always known him from afar but he never took notice of her. They fall for each other and everything is going well, until there's a snag and Pat suddenly becomes interested in Tommy. 

While the storyline is a little cheesy, it's a really fun musical. I love the costuming, it was made in 1947 and I feel like the men wear some odd looking ballooning wide legged pants which I hadn't really seen before and I'm still not sure if it was just for costuming's sake. It's very colorful, has lots of dance numbers, and just generally a really happy movie!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Recap: Soul Trains, S'moreos, and Supermoons

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Happy Monday! Well, it's a little gloomy out as I type this but I kind of like it, it's perfect cozy up with coffee weather. My weekend was jam packed with so much fun! Friday night Amelia and I went to see Wesley Brite and the Hi-Lites again, my third time, her second, and they were amazing as usual. It is just so much fun to be able to just dance their whole show through! They are a modern 60s soul band and they try to be pretty authentic in their style and look; suits, brass line, lots of dancing, and a soul train line! Amelia didn't know what a soul train line was so I had to explain and made her go down the line a few times!!

Interjecting a non-weekend activity, I went to my first Cleveland Indians game of the summer last Tuesday! It was so much fun, we had really close seats right behind first base, and made friends with the "enemy" (the Cincinnati Reds fans in the row in front of us). I love going to games even though I'll be honest and say I don't follow the team the rest of the season really. I just like the fans and the excitement of being there!

Saturday was busy busy busy! My mom and I had to get ready for my grandma's 13 year breast cancer free celebration. We throw a party for her every year and we usually get cute pink themed stuff, but we added in a photo wall with props, and a costume! My grandma pretended she was annoyed but then we noticed she never took it off so we think we won that battle :)

Later that night I went to my friend Steph's house and met up with a few of our other friends and we had a fire and discovered the power of s'moreos. What you do is instead of using graham crackers, just use two oreos for your s'mores. Best. Decision. Ever. I guarantee it.

Sunday night was the super moon, did any of you check it out? I ended up going to the beach to see it with a friend and it was really cool! I felt like I could see the crevices in it from here haha!

So, that was my weekend, how was yours? Let me know in the comments below :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Recap: Birthdays and Knitting Club Reunions

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Hello and happy Monday! This weekend went by fairly quickly, but it was a lot of fun! Saturday my friends and I celebrated our friend Tami's 24th birthday at this little dive bar/restaurant called Parkview Nite Club. It was a really fun night and we got to listen to a local jazz band.

Sunday my friend Amelia was home so our knitting club was reunited! It's just Mrs. Bloss and I most of the time now unless we go to the knitting club at the library. Amelia goes to medical school about 3 hours away so she doesn't get home too often. We had lots of catching up to do, and I started a new knitting project.

I just got back from a lovely picnic in the park with my friend Christina. It was such a perfect day, we took a little lunch and sat under a tree.

How was your weekend?

Friday, August 1, 2014

Completed: Yellow Brick Cold Cowl and a Little Surprise

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I have completed a new knitting project! I bought this Madelinetosh yarn with my birthday discount at Fine Points because I thought the green was gorgeous and it just had so many different shades of greens in the strands. I bought just enough to make a cowl, and I decided to make the Yellow Brick Cold Cowl by Tracey Galloway. I thought that putting the two textures together, the basket weave and garter stitch, was such a cool idea. I would have never thought to put those two together! Now, I hadn't done a basket weave before, and in theory it's very simple; they're basically little cables. Geez oh man were they tedious! having to two by two cable made that half of the scarf feel like it took forever and I couldn't wait to get to garter stitch (which is just straight knitting for those who aren't familiar with knitting terms). 

Anyways, I actually got to wear it out when I finished it Wednesday because it's oddly chilly and a little fall-like every few days here in Cleveland (though I'm not really complaining!), and I got to wear it when this happened:

My mom and I got matching Harry Potter tattoos! We wanted to get mother daughter tattoos but we didn't want anything super cheesy or typically mother daughter. We're not really a hearts/mushy greeting card kind of family so we decided on Harry Potter because it's something we both love. We saw all of the movies together and of course read the books! My mom was laughing because she thought I was going to be in more pain than I was while I was getting the tattoo since it was my first one, but it really wasn't as bad as I thought. Our tattoo artist Lauren from Voodoo Monkey was super nice and she thought it was cool that my mom was getting a tattoo!

Happy Friday! Do you have any fun plans this weekend? Let me know!