Wednesday, August 13, 2014

C&LM: Good News

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Normally I try to review films I've never watched but Good News is one that I have watched over and over again. It stars Peter Lawford as Tommy and June Allyson as Connie; the college football star and librarian. 

Tommy is the most popular man on campus and he tries to impress the new lady in town Pat McClellan who ignores his advances in a way he's never encountered before. To win her heart, he begins taking French lessons, and being tutored by Connie, who had always known him from afar but he never took notice of her. They fall for each other and everything is going well, until there's a snag and Pat suddenly becomes interested in Tommy. 

While the storyline is a little cheesy, it's a really fun musical. I love the costuming, it was made in 1947 and I feel like the men wear some odd looking ballooning wide legged pants which I hadn't really seen before and I'm still not sure if it was just for costuming's sake. It's very colorful, has lots of dance numbers, and just generally a really happy movie!

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