Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lavender Ice Dreams

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Yesterday I actually stayed close to home most of the day, leaving just for a walk in the park, and ended up making a ton of progress on my newest knitting project. It was really nice to get such a huge chunk done all in one sitting! Alas, I don't have many day to day thoughts to share.

One thing that did happen last night was my friend Christina challenged me to do the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. I'm honestly a bit torn on if I want to do it and donate, and I feel like a pretty terrible person for saying that. I understand that the money is going towards helping this horrible disease, but I also feel like I already donate money to causes that I chose and care deeply about, SMA and Breast Cancer, not because I was challenged to throw ice on my head, but because I actually understand what I'm donating to.

On the other hand, if people only donated to causes that effected them or their loved ones directly there would be less donations all around for all causes, which are all important. I just think that maybe this Ice Bucket Challenge thing has become more about making a funny video than the actual cause, ALS, itself. I think maybe I wouldn't feel so torn about it if people actually talked about facts about the disease in the videos along with challenging their friends. I hope I don't offend any of my readers by thinking this through "out loud" here. I will most likely end up making a video sometime today but I will make sure to say something about the disease which these "fun" videos are supporting.

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