Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Recap: Birthdays and Knitting Club Reunions

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Hello and happy Monday! This weekend went by fairly quickly, but it was a lot of fun! Saturday my friends and I celebrated our friend Tami's 24th birthday at this little dive bar/restaurant called Parkview Nite Club. It was a really fun night and we got to listen to a local jazz band.

Sunday my friend Amelia was home so our knitting club was reunited! It's just Mrs. Bloss and I most of the time now unless we go to the knitting club at the library. Amelia goes to medical school about 3 hours away so she doesn't get home too often. We had lots of catching up to do, and I started a new knitting project.

I just got back from a lovely picnic in the park with my friend Christina. It was such a perfect day, we took a little lunch and sat under a tree.

How was your weekend?

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