Monday, October 27, 2014

Knitters Unite!

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So this happened today...I got my second tattoo, dedicated to something that I truly love, knitting. It's only been a few hours so it's still a bit swollen and I've got a ton of healing ointment on it (hence the shine), but I'm in love! It came out so perfectly and my tattoo artist Lauren is amazing. Tattoo artists are so talented, the whole time I was there I was thinking how terrible I would be if I even tried to think of color placement and things like that!

After the tattooing was done I went to the movies with my mom and one of the knitting club ladies and we saw Dracula Untold. Going in, I was worried that I was going to be scared the whole time, and that really wasn't the case! The movie is more based on storyline than gore factor, so if you were on the fence about it like me, you shouldn't have too worry too much. I found out after it was over that it was PG-13, which explained why it wasn't as terrifying as I expected. It was a good end to the day.

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