Thursday, October 30, 2014

National Theatre Live: Frankenstein

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Last night I went with two lovely work ladies to see a screening of National Theatre Live: Frankenstein. I have never read or seen Frankenstein, but of course know of the story. It didn't hurt that Benedict Cumberbatch was playing Victor Frankenstein that night! The play had a really interesting twist because when it was actually on stage (this was filmed in 2011), Benedict and Jonny Lee Miller (the Creature) flipped roles every other night. Unfourtunately, we were working the night before when they showed Benedict as the Creature, but we are going to try our best to find out if these are available on DVD!

 The set was absolutely gorgeous, it incorporated a ceiling of lights which shone brightly and dimmed according to what they were talking about, be it light or death. The play was sort of split into two halves; first half mainly Creature, second half mainly Frankenstein. Jonny Lee Miller as the Creature was amazing, in the opening seen he was "born" and had to quickly learn on his own how to stand, move, walk. He really showed the struggle that the Creature felt, throughout the whole play, and he really made the audience feel guilty because all he wanted was to be accepted and loved. When this didn't happen of course, he sought revenge. 

Benedict Cumberbatch as Frankenstein was amazing as well. I think the whole time I was a bit sad because I didn't want Benedict to be the bad guy! But he was amazing at being cruel and you really understood that he, as the "real" man, truly did not understand the meaning of caring and love, he was driven by hate and power.

After the movie we found out that the theater we saw it in actually does an entire National Theatre Live series as well as a ballet series so I definitely think we'll be going to see another one of these in the future!

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