Monday, December 22, 2014

Pinterest Baking Adventures

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Over the past few weeks and soon for the upcoming holidays, I have been scouring Pinterest for new sweets recipes, and I've made two this month, one for a Christmas party, and one to take to work and share! The two recipes I tried were the Strawberry Cream Cheese Bread and  Cake Batter Cookies. The cookies were extremely simple and they turned out great! I used red velvet cake mix since I wanted them to be festive and I added the chocolate peppermint bells on top which I thought were so cute when I saw them at the store! Now the bread was a bit more difficult. I decided to double the recipe because I wanted to make some for my family as well as work, and boy oh boy was that a mistake! I accidentally put in a bit too much salt, luckily it just made it slightly more tart than sweet, and one of my loaves came out entirely mushy in the middle, despite me keeping it in the oven for an extra 25 minutes! Overall it turned out okay, I think next time I try it I should just do the recipe as is to see what it's really supposed to taste like.

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