Monday, December 15, 2014

The End of an Era

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Well, I had a super stressful last month of graduate school, but Saturday I officially graduated with my Master's in Library and Information Science!! I am so excited to finally be done with school, tentatively forever, but who knows? I can say for sure that I am done with school for at least a good while. I do not mean to sound like I hated school, because I really enjoyed school overall. It's just that after going straight from college to graduate school, 6 and a half years, I think I have earned a well deserved school break.

My friend Shannon and I, she did her practicum at the library I work in!

I am looking forward to all the fun and exciting new things that are coming over the next few months, including a weekend in Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival! I am going with my friend Beth, we went to a local knitting convention day last year and we realized that we need classes that are a bit more advanced, so we looked into the Pittsburgh one and it seems like just the right fit. There are also going to be lots of fun things to do, including a huge knitting vendors mall and a Pajama Sleepover party on one of the nights!

I also am trying to figure out just exactly how I'm going to fill up all my new found free time (between looking for librarian jobs, that is), and I have come up with a list of movies and books and tv series that I have been wanting to read and watch but never had time, and maybe now I will be able to fit them in!

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