Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What I've Read: With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin

After the slightly disappointing book experience with Mr. Ripley, I decided that I needed a little cheesy rom-com story in my life. Enter: With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin. With Every Letter is a story set during World War II about a woman named Mellie, who is a shy army nurse who doesn't quite fit in and doesn't know how to make friends. Her group of nurses is assigned to write anonymous letters to a group of army men and Mellie is extremely nervous about the assignment. The other girls are all prepared to write romantic letters and Mellie is very firm in hers that there would be no romance (oh, how wrong she was!). Unbeknownst to her, her letter is picked up by Tom, who like her, just wants friendship. As each letter passes, they begin to fall in love, even without knowing each other's real names. Eventually, they meet in person, but only Mellie figures out that Tom is the same person in her letters, but he does not figure it out as quickly. They spend time together in person, Tom falling in love with Mellie while he still yearns for his mystery girl in the letters. Overall, the cheese factor was high but honestly I thought it was great!

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