Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Belong to Me by Maria de los Santos

After reading Love Walked In, I had to jump right into reading the sequel, Belong to Me. Being is sequel, this will have SPOILERS, so if you want to be surprised, I suggest you read them both first before reading my thoughts. Moving on, we find Cornelia and Teo happily married and moved into a new suburban area after living in New York City for a while. In the beginning, Cornelia has trouble making friends with the new neighbors who act a bit high and mighty over her, but this quickly changes. As you read, you learn that all the neighbors have problems. One of the couples deals with cancer while one couple deals with infidelity and the dissolution of their marriage. Teo and Cornelia are blessed with a surprise or two of their own. Like Love Walked In, the story is told in alternating chapters. Cornelia and the other adults in one set, and Dev, the son of Cornelia's friend and classmate to Clare. Dev is on the path to doing great things in school, but he does not know who his father is. I'll be completely honest, I skipped majority of Dev's chapters because I could see where the book was going 18 miles away. It was a little cheesy, I liked it a little less than Love Walked In, but overall it was still worth reading.

Sidenote: I also finished Last Train to Memphis by Peter Guralnick. It was an Elvis Presley biography featuring his early years. I don't think I need a whole post for it, but I did enjoy it!

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