Thursday, March 19, 2015

Loved Walked In by Maria de los Santos

My coworker recommended this book to me because she knows I love old Hollywood, and the main character Cornelia loves old films just as much as I do. Love Walked In by Maria de los Santos is a story about a thirty one year old coffee shop manager named Cornelia Brown who is obsessed with the movie The Philadelphia Story and all things old Hollywood. She's been waiting for her Cary Grant her whole life and one day, he walks right into her coffee shop. Cornelia is blinded by Martin Grace's striking resemblance to Mr. Grant, and is mesmerized by his charm. However, she feels the need to defend herself in this budding relationship at times against her friends. Clare is an eleven year old girl who has mainly been abandoned by her father and her mother is having issues of her own, one day leaving Clare stranded by the side of the road. Clare, it turns out, is Martin's daughter. Martin, Cornelia, and Cornelia's brother-in-law Teo work to make this little girl comfortable during this distressing time. At the same time, the Cary Grant facade that has kept Cornelia holding on to Martin is starting to crumble as the relationship with his daughter unfolds.

I read this book in a total of four hours. It grabbed my attention and didn't let go. I love Cornelia's character, I love Clare, I am apparently a bit preoccupied by books told in two different voices in alternating chapters this year (as this was told from both Cornelia and Clare's perspectives). There is a sequel and I've already started reading it! 23/75

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