Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I read the book Yes Please by Amy Poehler for my friend book club (I actually got my friends to agree to a book club, woot!) and I loved loved loved the beginning, but honestly the second half I was slightly disappointing and slightly ready for it to be done. Amy writes her memoir as kind of a self help/life lesson kind of book, using stories from her life to examine different ways to grow as a person. She tells of times when she had to say sorry, how she had to be brave, and how she believed in herself and took risks to become successful. The first half was lovely, her writing style makes you feel like you can hear her voice as your reading, which I love, and I laughed and cried along with her. My issue with the second half was that I felt like she began name dropping just to name drop. It was just kind of like, "I know, you are famous and you know a lot of famous people, get back to the story!!". But that didn't make me dislike the book overall, just made me wish there was more of the same as the beginning. I also liked her honesty throughout the book that writing a book is hard. Her entire introduction is based on the fact that writing is difficult, and I just really like that she mentioned it, that's all. If you're an Amy Poehler fan you'll like this book if you haven't read it already.

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